Coaching for me is centered on unveiling hidden resources, on gaining clarity and insights and defining actionable next steps.

I will not give you my solutions, my coaching approach is based on an attitude of “I help you to help yourself “.

The vision board illustrates is one possibility of creative coaching.

Coaching may also include exercises / challenges / experiments you can do on your own (DiY).

I will enjoy if you contact me to share or take steps together.

This collaboration can be in different forms, whether you wish to work with me by booking a coaching session or sharing here by commenting, encouraging each other for a challenge.

Besides my Master in Economic Psychology (Université de Reims Champagne Ardennes), I have accomplished professional training in “Systemische Therapie und Beratung” with SGST (Saarländische  Gesellschaft für Systemische Therapie und Beratung e.V.).

Looking forward to hear from you.


May you enjoy the ideas and musings I present here.

You will find further exercices and ideas related to creative coaching here:

Examples of challenges :


Maybe you might also enjoy a Walk and Talk with me.


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