Walk & Talk

Reconnect to  yourself, by listening to nature’s wisdom.

Serenity to gain more clarity

Inspiring courage for your next step

“A true timeout without having to go on holidays"

MaZ B., 47ans

Silent Walk

Nature’s and your soul’s calling.

Will you answer ?


Take a moment to transit from the nature context, to let sink in the impressions. Before taking the experience to another level.


Creative methods to discover a new view on your situation and unveil your hidden resources.

Are you ready to dare
this unique experience ?

Take the courage to follow your heart, and grant yourself a very special moment of time out.

The creative methods are always adapted to your needs an be reassured, there is no need to be painting like Picasso 😉

The process of Walk and Talk is designed for individuals or groups up to 4 persons.


Take a moment to enjoy some views of the location.

“Il y a beaucoup de choses qu bougent en profondeur, quand nous discutons .”

Martine S., 47ans

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  • Tëtelbierg & Giele Botter
  • maud.walkandtalk [at] gmail.com
  • +352 50 89 63
  • please leave me a message

Image Sources:  Nature pictures (c)Maud, foodiesfeed, WOCinTechChat, GraphBerry

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