I see myself as a creative free spirit, who likes thinking out of the box.

Trying to follow the voice of my heart, even if that’s not always the conventional way.


Mandalas have many facets. No need to create one from scratch on your own every time, you may also use coloring models to let your soul express creatively.

Grant yourself the freedom to think a bit out of the box  or let yourself be surprised where and how the colors, the ideas for your next steps will come up.

— My professionnal journey —

ln my former professionnel life I first had been a banker ( working in a bank).

Than my path took me to get a Masters degree in economic psychology. After my studies I was active in adult training and counseling in the psychosocial sector.

I added some more practical trainings to complete my qualifications, like  “Gestaltpädagogie” ( IGPBS asbl),  “Systemische Therapie und Beratung ( SGST e.V.)” as well as a training for working with young people .

The common line in this path: being in contact with and of service to fellow wanderes on this beautiful planet, sometimes more as a coach, sometimes more as a guide for some one navigating through the fogs.

 I found in Shiatsu a philosophy and techniques for direct work with the body. I began  my training  with the first level course offered in Luxembourg by Adela Garay within the Iokaï-Shiatsu school in September 2014.

So nowadays I can work in a wholistic way including body mind and spirit and I offer you activities integrating different facets:

  • Shiatsu as wells as other techniques of body-work
  • Creative Expression / Coaching
  • Walk and Talk

— Some personal aspects and a video which talked to me —

 When asked for my age, I reply: “33 – since some years“, yes time is relative 😉

The picture here, documents my passion for chocolate, which began in a young age.


ahh, yes I do like photography.

All credits to Bruno for this great picture.

As for music, I just want to quote Sting here, with a line of “An Englishman in NewYok”

Be yourself, no matter what they say

And finally here is a TED talk by Brenée Brown ( 20 min), which quite talked to me, maybe it will talk to you too.

 In case it resonates strongly with you and you wish some clarification, please feel free to contact me, well I also like to hear from you just to say hello. 🙂