Decluttering & developping wisdom

This title is inspired by an article a dear friend send me.

Wisdom Is Not in the Newspaper

My own journey

… with decluttering and thus creating new space in the place I call home, has led me to see decluttering as a practice for gratitude , letting go / non-attachment and uncovering mental shemes / mindsets and beliefs, invisible strings attached to items as well as generosity,  in short form decluttering and developping wisdom 😉

Some more inspirations:

Karen Kingston : check her “Clutter-test” with simple questions on her blog.
Her book “ Feng-Shui gegen das Gerümpel im Alltag” has been quite a source of inspiration and encouragement for me over the years.

Marie Kondo‘s question is “Does it spark joy ‘” and she recommends to proceed by categories of items ie Kitchen-ustensiles, Cd’s, Books, Clothes, Paper, and sort out the Memorabilia = items with “emotional” strings attached once you have a bit of experience with letting go of stuff.

a quote I came by lately unfortuantely I forgot the author

I have the biggest collection of sea-shells in the world,

I keep it scatterd on all the beaches.”

a video by Marie Diamond -Feng Shui Master

which explains the big lines ideas behind the Chinese Feng Shui approach “Aligning with the flow of energies : Heaven -Human -Earth luck”

and some Music :

Clear Negative & Bad Energy From House, and Even Yourself | 417 Hz Tibetan Singing Bowl Music

Music to Cleanse of Negative Energy at Home Space.

New places, out of your space  /  let your things serve others :

KIDS-items :  Clothing (0-12 y) & Buggies etc | NO TOYS

Kleederstuff by Familljen Center CPF asbl in Lux Bonnevoie

CLOTHES : adults & kids for a second hand shop – Boutique Oxfam, soutien de projets de commerce équitable Nord-Sud à Athus

BOOKS :  Kids-books, Luxemburgensia, Reading, Literature, Culture, Arts, etc | NO Lexikons, Dictionaries

CD’s : Music CD’s

Bicherland – Bibliothèque solidaire by CIGL Pétange asbl

Also possible “Free you stuff” events, often organized as a type of market where you bring your items and offer them for free to others and you can pick up from some one else if there is something that will really serve you … beware of the “bright shiny objects” 😉