DiY | The power of mind – 2 min experiment ;-)

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grant yourself  two minutes for a simple experiment

and discover maybe some surpise 😉

Are you ready  for the experiment?

Confortably installed ?

Maybe take another calm breath …

Please read the following instruction and notice what happens

and here we go:

Don’t think of a pink crocodile


So what happened ? Like a vast majority of people you might have seen a pink crocodile before your mental eye before evacuating it. Or you may have related mentally  to a pink crocodile in another way.

The point of this experience is: your mind for its functioning like formulating a wish or a goal or here understanding an instruction, will first retrieve the main concept  from your “internal memory-data-bases”, which here is pink crocodile” . So some attention goes to the concept you do NOT wish to activate … and you need a fraction of a second, some attention to get it out of your mind.

credit for the Pink Crocodile to “Geeky Mom” for crafting it, and a friend for offering bringing it along


How to use this as a life-hack ?

You might ease your life as well as of people close to you easier, by formulating, in an affirmative way.

Maybe a first step can be to start by noticing when you formulate with “NOT”, or any any concept or word which might activate your mind and thus pull your morals in the another direction than you wish.

A practical application to close this post :

Instead of saying to someone when he/she is leaving

“I hope you will not get stuck in traffic jam”

you might also try how

“I wish you a good road.”

resonates within you.