a view of my Shiatsu-space in Rodange

Shiatsu - a holistic way of Wellbeing,
based on ancient oriental Philosophy

??? Shi atsu


Shi  РFingers

atsu – Pressure

Japanese for pressure with finger or thumb

 Shiatsu, works on the same principles as Acupuncture, without using needles.


energetically more balanced

In Shiatsu ( pressure with fingers) we use mainly our hands, to help our Shiatsu partner release tensions and find a more balanced vital energy flow.

¬†During a Shiastsu session a deep relaxation my occur. This relaxed state helps the organism to reconnect to his own “self-healing capacities”.

Regular shiatsu practice  promotes gaining more clarity for daily living and also an enhanced feeling of inner serenity.

Holistic approach

an asian view of life

Ki describes vital life energy.

Ki is circulating inside the body, within channels called meridians.

Ioka√Į-Shiatsu as developed by S.Masunaga, based on the ancient Chinese philosophies and the Japanese tradition of AnMa, considers those channels all over the body.¬† Thus sometimes the solution for relieving a tension, may be found in a different area, from where the tension showing.

How ?

Traditionally Shiatsu is practiced on a special mat on the floor.  It  is also possible to work seated on a chair.

Shiatsu is practiced fully clothed ( ideally dressed comfortably like a leggings or Yoga-clothes).

How long ?

The duration of a Shiatsu session is generally about an hour.

It is also possible to work with specific Shiatsu, like only hands or feet, or upper back and shoulders for about 30 min.

About Maud

My view of working with you

I wish to honor the trust of my Shiatsu-partners in a way that encourages you to take your next steps on this beautiful planet. 

I prefer the expression Shiatsu-partner, as for me the two people open themselves up to the experience and trust the body’s inherent wisdom.

My path took me from a job in banking, to psychology studies (Masters degree) and working in psycho-social contexts. This suited me very well, as I had strongly developed my mental capacities (rational analyzing) and my sensitivity served me for understanding the person I was listening to and talking with, as well as to guide the groups I was leading in personal and vocational training.

There was however for me a missing part in the puzzle, the direct work with the body, which was not included in those approaches. Thus I began the basic-course (level 1) of Adela C.Garay in Luxembourg, in sept. 2014 .

I continued my shiatsu training within the Ioka√Į-school in Germany with Tilman Gaebler ( level 2 -3) as well as Sasaki Kasunori sense√Į (level 4).

On the 19.01.2019, I presented and validated the practical part of the certification process as ¬ę¬†Ioka√Į-Shiatsu Practioner¬†¬Ľ

More Information


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