A Time Out in Nature,
coming home to your senses
gaining clarity & serenity
for your next step

A time out to breathe

A guided Silent Walk

Take the courage to follow your heart, and grant yourself a very special moment of time out.

ReConnect to your senses

Enjoy nature’s embrace, to let sink in the impressions,

preparing the next step of this special experience.

Soothed by the power of nature

Integrate your insights with a calm expression, or maybe creatively  or on basis of photo-cards before continuing your own path confidently with a sense of clarity and serenity.

What they say

“Merci, là je suis de nouveau présente ici et maintenant, j’y vois plus dans ma situation.”  –  C.D.

“Ech sinn erem mei bei mier ukomm, mei an menger Mett an mei roueg bannen drann. Ech hunn lo rem Courage fier dei next Schrëtt.”   – F.W.

“A real time out, without having to go on holidays.” M.B.

About the Walk

 Titelberg (“Um Bierg”),  and natural preservation zone “Giele Botter”.

 Parking Titelberg L-4610 Differdange

Looking forward
Welcome You
Serving as Your guide

50 89 63


11, rue de la Fontaine
L-4815 Rodange

Time Out to Breathe

(Re)Connect to your senses

Soothed by the calm power of nature

Are you ready to dare

this unique experience ?

The creative methods are always adapted to your needs an be reassured, there is no need to be painting like Picasso 😉

The process of Walk and Talk is designed for individuals or groups up to 4 persons.

It is adapted intuitively to suit your needs of the moment.

Prepare yourself

Please wear shoes adapted for a walk in the woods – if you wish you may also walk barefoot 😉

The total duration varies: 1,5-3 hours.