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There are a lot of different techniques and approaches. Some with strong ties to their philosophical origins like Bouddhism or Yoga, other “laïques” making only universal references, as to facilitate for every human to join and explore.

Here are some links to articles / videos as well as a book list. Please consider your local book-store or a library for getting books. 😉

How to Meditate ? |
Here after is short article with audio sequences ( as guided meditation). May it be helpful for people interested in discovering meditation.
video | 09:29 | Introduction to Mindful Eating by Michelle DuVal
How to take a mindful snack ?
| by Carla Naumburg |
What Makes a Conversation Mindful? |on| by Jae Ellard |
Book & audios
Christoph Germer and Kristin Neff
The mindful self-compassion workbook.

and here is short intro on
video | 06:18 | The Three Components of Self-Compassion | by Kristin Neff | on Greater Good Science Center
video | 14:24 | témoignages : Méditer au quotidien
et s’ancrer dans le présent
|par Sylvie Chabas |
Il existes de multiples approches dans la méditation et aussi de définitions, et de pratiques. Le Yoga par exemple peut devenir une méditation en mouvement. Et voici le lien vers la vidéo qui présente plus le courant MBSR (Mindulfuness Based Stress Reduction formalisé par John Kabat Zin).
video | 50:32 |
by Arte Doku

Die heilsame Kraft der Meditation
In the Buddhist tradition:
– Thich Nath Hanh
– Jack Kornfield
– Tara Brach
You’ll find resources, talks and guided meditations online.
| book | Thich Nhat Hanh : La sérénité de l’instant
Illuminer le quotidien et vivre le moment présent

Ed. J’ai Lu, 2008 | Format livre de poche de 155 pages
– facile à emporter 😉
Titre Original :  Peace is every step | Ed. : Bantam Dell Publishing 1982
|video | 5:06 |
Philo – Talk
Thich Nhat Hanh : “Nirvana, perceptions erronées et souffrance”
Philo – articleMatthieu Ricard : L’illusion de l’égo
|video |
+/- 90 min
~ Courage to Be Compassionate ~ Thupten Jinpa, Ph.D.
video | 48:31 |
talk + guided medi

Tara Brach : Releasing Limiting Beliefs
min 38 : guided exercice
article | philo | meditation
by Lama Willa Miller | tibetan tradition
The Here and Now
We might think that the opposite of grasping is detachment, but actually it is intimacy. Intimacy can be approximated with the conceptual mind. We can understand it. We can imagine it. But approximation is not enough. True intimacy, the kind that the Buddha seems to be expressing when he smiles at his demons on the eve of his awakening, is embodied. Embodied intimacy arises from a neurological change in our response to appearances.
The most important goals of our practice may not be focus, relaxation, or even tranquility. Intimacy may be the most important goal and outcome of our practice, its most important promise, because the one thing keeping us from radical presence is our struggle with appearances.

A buddhist view, to close this list …

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