Walk & Talk by Thomas R. _02.02.2018


Today, I went for a silent walk in an ancient open-air mine that nature took back.

It was unexpectedly snowing, leaving a beautiful white blanket, inviting Nature to just sleep five more minutes before getting up.
I could feel the vibrant energy under the snow.

But what struck me the most, was this beautiful sight of the hill totally dug down by the past century intensive mining. I realized that, where I stood, was once filled with earth. I felt like bathing inside the ghost of a hill, and the forest that should exist above me. Instead, it was air. A beautifully tasty air, that taste air has when it snows.

And from the deep scar, Nature made a beautiful pond, with reeds and trees. Pockets of cold water here and there… looking at the still water, i could see how fast it was actually moving.
And the snowflakes sliding on the wind currents going back up to my face from the bottom of the hole, like on a rollercoaster.

In this white, sleepy landscape, crows were in big business building nests and singing. As if the snow is just passing clouds that would go away, knowing that the sun is still shining above.

I found it beautiful.
This way Nature has to make the most out of the seeds as well as the scars. To me, it is the most beautiful lesson of self love i’ve ever got. Maybe because i was finally prepared to receive it.

So I want to thank all my relations. Thank you for the seeds you have planted in my heart. And thank you for the scars too.
I’m making the most out of it all.

Thomas Rossi – SymbioSoul